Embroidery Stitch Directory

embroidery floss on fabric in hoop with title "embroidery stitch directory".

These embroidery stitches are the basis for different styles of embroidery. They are generally not used in counted thread embroidery, but surface embroidery.

Each of these basic stitches has many variations, so be sure to check each page for more information.

yellow straight stitches on white fabric with title.

Straight stitch is probably one of the easiest embroidery stitches ever. But don’t overlook it as a beautiful option.

purple running stitch on white fabric with title.

Running stitch a common utility stitch in sewing and quilting. But it is also a great decorative embroidery stitch.

backstitch with pink thread on white fabric with title.

Backstitch is one of the most popular stitches. It works to support other stitches, but can also stand alone in a project.

purple chain stitch on white fabric with title.

Chain stitch adds nice texture to embroidery pieces.

green french knots on white fabric with title.

Knots can really dress up embroidery projects. The most popular is the French knot, but there are others to learn as well.

blue blanket stitch on white fabric with title.

Not just for applique! Blanket stitch can stand as a decorative stitch on its own.

blue feather stitches on white fabric with title.

This stitch is just fun. It’s quick and easy to do and adds a lot of interest to projects.

couching yellow thread onto white fabric with title.

Couching is a great way to use fibres that are too large or fragile for traditional embroidery stitches.


Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

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