Welcome! My name is Elizabeth DeCroos and I love to make beautiful things with quilting, pojagi, embroidery and sewing in my studio.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and four great kids and work from my home studio.

My philosophy is that everyone can add joy to their lives by making ordinary things beautiful.

Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

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I love to speak to groups and teach workshops. Get more details HERE and contact me to check my availability.


My projects have been featured in these magazines.

stitch magazine cover

Hand-stitched linen leaves

canadian quilter magazine cover.

Modern pojagi window hanging

quilter's world magazine cover.

New Adventures Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Epida mean?

The word “Epida” (pronounced EE-pid-ah) is a made up word inspired by the Korean word for beautiful. It’s my tribute to the Korean culture and beauty that influences many of my designs.

What is pojagi?

Pojagi is the ancient Korean textile art of making wrapping cloths. Some were custom made with special cloth and others were pieced together with scraps left over from sewing clothes. Today these techniques are used to make many different things.

Are you Korean?

No, I am not Korean and am not related to anyone with Korean heritage.

In 2009, my husband was offered a job in Korea, so we packed up four small kids and moved there for two years. It was a wonderful experience and we love the country. It was during that time I began my study of pojagi.

There are so many things here. Where should I start?

Start by thinking about what you are interested in making. Click one of the categories to go to the pages. There are lots of pictures for inspiration and tutorials to get you started.

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