Embroidery refers to any stitched design with thread on fabric. There are many different types and styles from all around the world.

selection of embroidery floss with title.

Ten tips for using embroidery floss

Even if you’ve never tried embroidery, you’ve probably seen embroidery floss. It’s those little skeins of thread that come in hundreds of colours. Maybe your mom or your grandma had a box with it wrapped onto little cards or maybe you used to make knotted bracelets with it.

bargello diamonds stitching with title.

Diamonds Bargello Stitching

Bargello stitching is made up of straight vertical stitches in repeating patterns. Commonly, this is a zig zag pattern with differences in spacing giving variations in the design. But there are many more complex designs beyond zig zag. One common traditional design is made up of diamonds.

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