Epida Studio is a place where you can learn to make beautiful things. I share project ideas and tutorials for quilting, pojagi and embroidery.


My style of quilting is probably best described as “eclectic”. I love traditional blocks and patterns, but I also like using them in new ways and exploring modern interpretations. I am also influenced by pojagi (traditional Korean patchwork) which has a more improvisational style.

I make quilts to be used and enjoyed daily, not hidden away in cupboards to keep them safe. Simple piecing and quilting can be combined to make beautiful quilts.


Pojagi is the name for traditional Korean sewing techniques used to make wrapping cloths. It has been around for hundreds of years, pre-dating quilting by centuries.

I had the opportunity to study and learn pojagi when I lived in Korea with my young family. Since then, I have continued to research and learn about this beautiful art form. I also adapted the techniques for sewing machine and fabrics more readily available to me to make window hangings that give the appearance of stained glass.


I enjoy many different types of embroidery – both surface embroidery and counted thread. Check out tutorials for specific techniques and stitches or follow projects along for inspiration.


What is Epida?

The name “Epida” (ee-pid-ah) comes from “yehpidah” – the Korean word for “beautiful”. Pojagi is a traditional Korean textile art. “Epida” is a tribute to the influence of of pojagi and Korean design in my work.

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Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

My name is Elizabeth DeCroos.

I make the beautiful things here at Epida Studio and my passion is helping others make their own beautiful things.

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