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On-line Workshops

I am always working on adding new on-line workshops. Check out what is currently available.

If you’re looking for a unique presentation for your guild or sewing group, I love to speak to groups and teach others techniques I have learned and developed.  These are some of the options I have available.

Live Lecture

Lectures are available to your group via Zoom. Contact me for rates and availability.

Pojagi – from ancient Korea to modern Canada

Part lecture and part trunk show, this fun talk tells my journey from Canada to Korea and back again.  While in Korea, I studied the ancient art of Pojagi, Korean patchwork.  Back in Canada, however, the Korean materials are more difficult to find, so I adapted pojagi techniques to readily-available western materials with some great results.

patchwork pojagi with tie open on a table

What people are saying:

“Elizabeth’s Pojagi:From Ancient Korea to Modern Canada has everything you want in a demonstration. Informative history and technique interspersed with humor and well demonstrated with exquisite samples. At our quilters’ guild meeting, Elizabeth held her audience captive as she traveled through Pojagi’s history of Korean hand piecing from 47AD right up to modern day Canada where Elizabeth has adapted this art form to machine sewing which is as beautiful as the handwork she learned first hand in Korea. If you get a chance to take in her presentation you will not be disappointed!” 

-Karen Gingerich, Pieces & Patches Quilters’ Guild President

Live Workshops

Live workshops are available to your group via Zoom. Contact me for rates and availability.

1. Modern Pojagi Improv window hanging

blue and green modern pojagi window hanging
Sea Glass improv window hanging

Use fat quarters or 10” squares of batik to create a one-of a kind pojagi project.

In this class you will learn two different methods of pojagi seams and when to use them. If you struggle with not having a pattern to follow or how to start with improv piecing, working in a group will get you going. Once you start, you won’t be able to make just one – you will want to experiment with different colours and arrangements.

This is a five hour workshop.

2. Glimmer

In this class, I will step you through one of the patterns from the Luminosity Collection. The entire class will make the same pattern. Glimmer is made with strips of fabric and the “loop and clip” technique.  You will learn two different methods of pojagi seam and when to use them in making a unique pojagi piece.

This can be either a three or five workshop. In a three hour workshop you will learn everything you need to know and start your project. In the five hour workshop, most people will be able to finish the project completely.

blue and yellow patchwork window covering
Glow window hanging

3. Traditional Pojagi bookmark

bookmarks handstitched with translucent silk fabric.
silk bookmark

In this workshop, I teach traditional pojagi techniques.  Students will hand-stitch a bookmark with silk fabric and thread. Kits will be purchased by the students with some colour options available. Time must be allowed for shipping the kits.

This is a three hour workshop. Most people will be able to finish the project. I include demonstrations of other techniques not used in the bookmark if there is interest.

Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

designer, teacher, speaker

Elizabeth enjoys doing all types of sewing and needlework and teaching others new techniques.

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