In the simplest terms, “embroidery” refers to any type of decorative stitching done on fabric with thread.

There are many different types of embroidery and there is something for any style and personality.

Freestyle Embroidery

Freestyle embroidery is fun and carefree. There is minimal marking and planning. It’s almost like doodling on fabric with thread.

Basic stitches are used. You can find tutorials HERE.

If you want to see a freestyle embroidery project from start to finish, you can see that HERE.

Simple shapes and motifs can look totally different if they are done with different stitches. You can try some out with the Stitch Sampler Project.


Hardanger is all about structure and staying inside the lines (quite literally). This Norwegian embroidery style uses both counted thread stitches and cutwork.

If you follow charts and work carefully, you will be rewarded with beautiful results. Get started in hardanger with this TUTORIAL.

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