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Resources and Inspiration

Quilting is a textile art form that is both beautiful and functional. From quilted blankets, to artistic wall hangings, to clothing, there is something for every style and taste.

Epida Studio is a great place for quilting resouces. Learn new skills and plan your next project. Bookmark this page to come back to it often.

General Quilting Tutorials

clear ruler measuring quilt pieces with title "getting an accurate 1/4"
sewing machine stitching straight lines on a bright coloured quilt with title "matchstick quilting".
clear plastic bins containing fabric with title "scrap organization".
purple wacky star quilt block.

More Quilting Tutorials…

Quilt Block Tutorials

collection of different quilt blocks with title.

Quilt Patterns

Get beautiful quilt patterns and more in the shop.

Geometric quilt in primary colours with title "Pojagi Inspiration Quilt".
colourful sampler quilt with title "Dreams Come True Quilt".
three table runners in different colours with title "fill in the blanks table runner".
quilt picture with title "No Flies in my Garden".
scrappy twinkle sampler quilt with title.
three table runners with title.


Follow step by step to make these great quilts

scrappy star sampler quilt with title.

This sampler has nine different star blocks and three different layout variations.

nine patch sampler quilt in autumn colours.

The nine-patch sampler is a perfect beginner project.

blue log cabin quilt

This sampler doesn’t even look like a sampler quilt, but it is! All the blocks are variations of a log cabin block.

About me

Elizabeth DeCroos

Hi! I’m Elizabeth DeCroos, the designer, teacher and maker at Epida Studio.

I’ve been quilting and sewing for thirty years, and I love to make things with fabric and thread.

Take a look around my little home on the web, and you’ll find something to interest you.

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