Pojagi – Traditional Korean textile art

In ancient Korea, most women were socially isolated.  Their lives revolved around their homes and families and caring for them.  They worked in the gardens, kitchens and sewing rooms.  

However, just like their western sisters, they used what they had to create beautiful art.  Scraps left over from making the family clothing were stitched together to become pojagi – beautiful wrapping cloths.  These wrapping cloths were used to store heirlooms and valuables.

Today, pojagi is having a resurgence, and not just in Korea.  People around the world are discovering its beauty.  The techniques are being used for many different items and being adapted for other materials.

patchwork with text overlay "see beautiful pojagi"

Want to learn the techniques?


hand-stitched with simple tools

stitching with text overlay "traditional tutorials"


with sewing machine and common materials

pojagi window coverings with text overlay "modern tutorials".
brown and pink curtain with title "simple strips modern pojagi window hanging".
on-line course

How about try a project?

pink fabric flowers on a blue background with text "small project tutorials".

Great patterns

I have published some of my best pojagi designs as patterns.

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More information

You can learn more about the history of pojagi HERE.

Here are more resources with information about pojagi.

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