Island Batik Create for a Cause Quilt

gems in the garden quilt with title.

As a 2021 Island Batik Ambassador, I get to participate in monthly challenges to use the products provided by Island Batik and the other sponsors. The February challenge is to make a quilt for charity.

Quilters are very generous, and most quilt guilds participate in charity work. My own quilt guild, Pieces and Patches Quilters just heard of an organization that supports front line medical workers that are suffering from PTSD. We are investigating working with them to give encouragement quilts.

For this, I needed a large quilt. Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I made an Easy Squares Quilt. This quilt pattern is easy to customize to whatever size you want. If you need help with the math, check out my ebook, Choose Your Own Adventure – Easy Squares.

squares cut of purple batik fabric.

Even though this is a simple pattern, the fabric makes it beautiful. I used the Garden Gems collection by Kathy Engle. I love the bright jewel tones in this fabric.

squares of yellow and green batik fabric.

I decided to use purple and pink prints for the large squares and green and yellow for the small squares. I cut all the squares, then joined them randomly.

joining green and yellow squares for gems in the garden quilt.

It is hard for me to do random piecing. I always want to overthink it. In the end, I just made sure that fabric touched itself as little as possible and tried to have a balanced layout, especially with the pink. Having a deadline helped to just do it without worrying about it.

quilt assembly in progress.

In the end, it is pretty balanced and the fabrics glow. I call it Gems in the Garden for the beautiful fabric.

The windowpane quilting lines are stitched with bright pink Aurifil thread. This simple quilting design is perfect for quilts made with squares.

quilting with windowpane lines.

I love how this quilt turned out.

gems in the garden quilt.

Thanks to Island Batik fabric, Aurifil thread and Hobbs batting for donating the product for this quilt. I hope it brings comfort and joy to someone who needs it.

Why not consider this pattern for your own quick and easy charity quilt?

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quilt diagram with title "Easy Squares Quilt".
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10 thoughts on “Island Batik Create for a Cause Quilt”

  1. blank

    Your quilt is wonderful I like the simplicity. Squares and 4 patches. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing all the different projects.

  2. blank

    This is so pretty! I love the colors. Window Pane quilting is one of my favorites, too, though I didn’t know that term for it.

    1. blank

      There could be other names for it. I just made up the term “window pane” because it looked like windows to me.

  3. blank
    Maryellen McAuliffe

    Lovely quilt. I hope it brings comfort to someone who has worked so hard for others during the pandemic.

  4. blank

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt! It’s wonderful how eye catching a simple pattern like this can be! Your use of the fabric is masterful!

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