Muted Diamonds Table Runner

muted diamonds table runner with title.

This quilted table runner was a quick project that I made as a gift. The soft colours blend together so there is some contrast, but no a lot.

This table runner is made with two fabrics. The cream background fabric has a bit of pattern which gives it colour variation. The chain fabric is a small floral print.

single chain table runner in neutral colours.

This is the simple chain variation of the Fill in the Blanks Jr table runner pattern.

The table runner is 12″ x 36″. It’s a nice size for a medium-sized table. The pattern has different size options, from 12″ x 20″ up to 12″ x 52″.

close up of quilting on single chain table runner.

It is quilted with straight diagonal lines. The diagonal lines aren’t evenly spaced, but they are spaced to match the diagonals in the chain squares. This quilting design matches the pattern perfectly.

The charcoal grey binding frames the piece like a tiny border.


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