Quilting is the art of stitching together fabric pieces to make designs. These patchwork items are both beautiful and functional.

pile of wrapped presents with title "7 things to consider before giving a quilt".

7 Things to Consider before giving a quilt as a gift

Quilters and crafters are usually generous people. We love to make things and giving someone something that we have made is a way to express love and to them. But in talking to quilters, both in person and in online groups, I hear two big complaints.

red applique Christmas flower with title "poinsettia applique tutorial".

Poinsettia Applique Pattern and Tutorial

This poinsettia appliqué is a nice way to turn any sewing project into a Christmas project. It can be added to placemats, bags, tea towels, pillows or even clothing. If you use fusible web, it is a quick project that can be done only a few minutes.

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