Easy Squares Quilt Tutorial

quilt diagram with title "Easy Squares Quilt".

This is the perfect beginner quilt project. It is an introduction to strip piecing and goes together quickly. Instructions are included for a 36″ x 48″. That’s a nice size for a baby quilt or lap throw.

Want to make the Easy Squares quilt in a different size? Check out the Choose your own adventure quilt pattern.

Fabric Requirements

1 yard colour 1 (this will be for the larger squares)

1/2 yard each of colour 2 and colour 3 (these will be for the smaller squares)

Look for fabrics with contrast. A good combination is to use a medium as colour 1 and light and darks for colours 2 and 3. This article has more help with choosing fabrics for a quilt.


Cut the first fabric into 6-1/2″ strips. You will need four strips. Then cut those strips into 6-1/2″ squares. You will need a total of twenty-one squares.

Cut the other two fabrics into 3-1/2″ strips. Don’t sub-cut these. You will need four strips of each colour.


Join the 3-1/2″ strips together in pairs. Press the seam towards the darker fabric.

Cut these strips into 3-1/2″ wide pieces. You will need a total of forty-two pieces.

joining strips and cutting to size for easy squares quilt.

Join these pieces together into squares, turning them so that the colours alternate. These squares should be 6-1/2″, the same size as the colour 1 squares.

Because the seams were all pressed to the darker fabric, they will nest together when joining the pieces. This will make it easier to stitch.

Layout the squares, alternating between the pieced squares and the solid fabric squares. Make sure that the pieced squares are all in the same orientation.

layout for easy squares baby quilt.

Join the squares into rows, pressing the seams toward the larger squares.

rows for easy squares baby quilt.

Join the rows together.

You’re done!

easy squares baby quilt.

Scrappy Option

This is a great pattern for using up scraps.

You will need twenty-one 6-1/2″ squares and eight-four 3-1/2″ squares.

Join the 3-1/2″ squares into 6-1/2″ squares, then continue with the assembly instructions above.


Once the quilt top is finished, it just needs quilting and binding. This design lends itself to a Simple Quilting design. These designs use a walking foot and long lines for a nice finish.

Check out this tutorial for binding a quilt by machine.

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