Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Bookcover

This book cover can be customized to whatever size notebook you have.  It would make a great gift or you could use it for your holiday record-keeping.

To begin, measure the book that you want to cover.  Measure all the way around from the edge of one cover to the edge of the other cover.  This is measurement “a”.

Then measure the height of the book. This is measurement “b”.

Make a template with cardboard 1 1/2″ wide.  Height doesn’t matter.  Take pieces of handkerchief linen of varying heights and mark them all at 1 1/2″ with a straight line top and bottom.  You could do a single colour or mix up colours.

With size 12 Perle cotton, join them using the pojagi seam method, aligning the side creases.  The length of the strip will be the “b” measurement plus 1″.  My book was 7″ high, so this strip is 8″ long.

To figure out the size of the other cover pieces, we need to do a bit of simple math.  Take the “a” measurement and add 4 1/2″.  My notebook was 10 1/2″, so that makes it 15″.  Then divide that number into two pieces, one larger than the other.  My number of 15 easily divides into 10 and 5.  You don’t have to stress about the math, just make sure that you don’t have a number less than three inches.  I could have used 9 and 6 or 9 1/2 and 6 1/2.  Just make sure the total is correct.

Cut two pieces of handkerchief linen to finish at these widths and the height of “b” +1.  Mine will be 10 x 8 and 5 x 8.  You could cut cardboard these dimensions to use as a pattern or just score against a ruler.  Just don’t forget seam allowances!

Add these two pieces to the sides of the pieced strip.

Fold over the short ends and finger press.

Hem with a running stitch.

Layout the main piece right sides up, and then fold over the end with a three inch overlap.

Cut a lining piece the size “a” – 3 by “b” +1.  Mine will be 7 1/2″ x 8″ (10 1/2 – 3 and 7 +1). This could be linen like the rest or regular quilting cotton.  Zig zag the edges to finish them.

Lay the lining on top of this, centring it.  Pin at the top and bottom.

Sew top and bottom with a 3/8″ seam allowance, then zig zag the edges to finish.  You could do this by hand, but sewing by machine will be more secure.

Turn right side out and then press.

It’s done, and you should be able to slide your book into it.

There it is!


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