Martha Washington Star quilt block

green and pink martha washington star quilt block with title.

If the Martha Washington Star quilt block seems a bit familiar, it probably is. The flying geese around the outside are just like a Sawtooth Star quilt block, but the inside is a fun pinwheel.

This block is nice on its own or as part of the Twinkle Sampler Quilt.

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Fabric requirements

for a 12″ block

  • four 3-1/2″ squares background fabric
  • four 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ flying geese*, background and fabric 1
  • four 3-1/2″ split half-square triangles**, background and fabric 2

*Use your favourite method to make flying geese. For this block, I recommend the Most Popular Method. It makes four at a time, which is perfect since this block requires four.

**Use your favourite method to make split half-square triangles. For this block, I recommend the Obvious Method. If you are making more than one block, you might want to try the Most Popular Method.

fabric pieces laid out for martha washington quilt block.

Block assembly

Lay out the pieces according to the picture.

Begin by joining the inner pieces to make the pinwheel. The squares join together like a four-patch. Join in pairs, then join the pairs together.

green and pink star quilt block with a pinwheel in the middle.

On the second seam of the pinwheel square, press the seams open.

This will alleviate some of the bulk in the middle of the block. There is a lot of fabric there with all the seams coming together.

finished pinwheel for the martha washington star quilt block.

The pinwheel piece should be 6-1/2″ square. Once it is done, the block goes together just like a regular sawtooth star quilt block. The pinwheel takes the place of the plain fabric square.

Join the pieces in rows, pressing away from the flying geese.

joining the rows for the block.
martha washington block in progress.

Then join the rows together.

completing the star quilt block.

Give a final press.

You’re done!

martha washington quilt block in green and pink fabrics.

The block will be 12-1/2″ square.

Video tutorial

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