two hoops with fabric and title "embroidered pumpkin tutorial".

Embroidered Pumpkins – Part Three

Now that the straight lines are stitched, you can go back and fill in the spaces with decorative stitches.

The first stitch is an open herringbone stitch.  This is a variation of a cross stitch.

Bring the thread to the front of the fabric between two of the straight lines.  It should be to one side of the space.  Take a stitch back at the other side of the space.  Be sure the thread does not get caught in the stitch – it should be a straight stitch.

Then take a stitch back on the other side.  Continue going back and forth until reaching the end.

Do the herringbone in every third space.

The next stitch is the cretan stitch.  Bring the thread up right in the middle of the space.

Take a stitch from one side of the space into the middle, perpendicular to the straight lines.  Catch the thread in the stitch to make a loop.

Do the same from the other side.  Repeat, alternating sides with each stitch.

Do this in every third space.

Last is the feather stitch.  Bring the needle up at one side of the space, and take a diagonal stitch, catching the thread in the stitch.  Repeat on the other side.

Continue down the space, alternating directions.

Finish the rest of the spaces.

Embroidery is now complete.  Remove it from the hoop and spray with water or dab with a sponge and the wash-away marker will disappear.  Let it dry completely.  Next week we will be finishing the project.


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Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

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