Making Memories in Pink Baby Quilt

pink making memories quilt with title.

Baby quilts are great to make. They are usually small, so they can be done quickly and they are usually simple patterns. They are a great way to play with fun prints and colours.

This quilt looks complicated, but it’s really just one big block.

pink and floral star baby quilt.

In a 12″ block, the half-square triangles and squares in the memory quilt block would be 2″, but for this quilt I made them 6″.

The whole quilt is 36″ square – just the right size for a baby.

I didn’t have a piece of flannel big enough for the back, but these two pieces from my stash worked well together.

back of quilt with two pieces of flannel joined.

Spiral quilting is fun to do, especially on small quilts.

This quilting starts with a circle in the middle, and spirals out in a continuous line of stitching.

It always makes me think of a record.

close up of spiral quilting.

In the corners, echoing lines of the same distance are stitched to keep the effect.

corner close up of spiral quilting.

The lines of the spiral are about 2″ apart. Having the lines spaced with that width mean that the quilt still stays soft and cuddly.

close up of flannel quilt back.

I hope the special little girl enjoys this quilt for many years.

This pattern is available in the Shop.

blue and yellow making memories quilt with title.
pink and green placemat with title "quilting with spirals".

Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

Elizabeth DeCroos

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