Simple Embroidery ebook

simple embroidery ebook cover with title.

Embroidery is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Learn to embroidery with this ebook from Epida Studio & Designs.

Starting from the very beginning, you will learn what you need to get started.

fabric and thread for embroidery.

Then move on to instructions for six basic embroidery stitches with variations.

picking up running stitches.

The stitches are used in easy projects that will get you started and inspire you to create your own fun embroidery designs,

The projects include framed pieces, a pillow and a bag with full finishing instructions.

embroidered pillow on chair.
embroidered bag with flowers
embroidered pumpkin.

Get the book and enjoy creating your own beautiful pieces.

Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos is the designer and teacher at Epida Studio. She loves to work in quilting, pojagi and embroidery and teach these techniques to others.
Learn more and get her to speak to your group.

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