Quilting is the art of stitching together fabric pieces to make designs. These patchwork items are both beautiful and functional.

pink and green placemat with title "Simple Quilting with Outlines".

Simple Quilting with Outlines

Simple quilting with outlines means following long lines across a quilt top or outlining large shapes. This type of quilting design works best with patterns like fence rail or log cabin that have large all-over patterns.

green and blue checked placemat with title "quilting with wavy diagonal lines".

Simple Quilting with Wavy Diagonal Lines

Sometimes wavy diagonal lines are the perfect choice for finishing your quilt top. If your quilt has points that go across the quilt, but not in a perfectly straight line, these can be used as “landmarks” for stitching. Wavy random lines give a modern feel to a quilt and are easy to sew.

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