Square Log Cabin Baby Quilt

blue and white square log cabin quilt with title.

Some of my quilts have interesting names.  “Square Log Cabin Baby Quilt” isn’t the most interesting, but it’s still a nice quilt.

This quilt is made with 10″ log cabin blocks.  When I make quilts, I always try to keep the math as simple as possible, so they are 2″ strips to make a 10″ block.  If I wanted a 12″ block, I’m sure I would have added another side to the blocks rather than changing the width of the strips.

The binding is in a matching colour and done by machine.

close up of spiral quilting on square log cabin baby quilt.

Spiral quilting is one of my favourite simple quilting designs.

The start of this spiral was a bit wonky.  I should have gone with a shallower curve to get out to the spiral, but it only matters if you’re up close.

The rest of the quilting looks nice. It was done with a grey thread.

In the corners, partial lines were stitched so that the spiral effect continued all the way around.

corner of square log cabin baby quilt.

The back is flannel, so it’s nice and soft.  When I was almost done quilting, I noticed that there were a couple tucks in the backing fabric.  It is less noticeable in flannel, especially with the dense quilting.  Since this is a baby gift, I was not going to rip it out.  This won’t win any competitions, but it’s great for cuddling a baby or laying on the floor.

baby quilt with corner flipped over to see the back.

My philosophy for baby quilts is that they will be used.  They should be able to stand up to frequent washing, and kids will probably spit up on them (or worse).  Because of that, I don’t usually give complicated or intricate patterns as baby gifts.  Quick and simple is just as nice.

red and white log cabin quilt block with title.

pink and green placemat with title "quilting with spirals".
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