Modern Pojagi Tutorials

To try modern pojagi, take everything you know about quilting and throw it out the window.

The unique aspect of pojagi patchwork is the reversible seams. They aren’t difficult to do; they are just different. Any type of quilting fabric can be used, but it is better if it is reversible like a solid or a batik.

Batik fabric glows in the sun like stained glass, so it is ideal for window hangings.

If you are joining two pieces of fabric, use this method:

close up of seam stitching with text overlay "Simple Pojagi Seam Tutorial".

If you have trouble with the simple method or are joining pieces that are already pieced together, try this method. It works everytime.

close up of seam with text overlay "pojagi seam tutorial".

Want to use these techniques in a project?

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