scrappy quilt with title.

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt for a Boy

I made this disappearing nine patch block for my son. I chose these fabrics thinking that he could grow with them.

It started with a a package of pre-cut 6″ squares. There weren’t quite enough in the package, so I got some other fabric and cut 6″ squares to augment them. The same fabrics were used in the Scrappy HST Quilt for a Boy.

The nine patch blocks are made with random fabrics. I only made sure that identical fabrics weren’t touching.

disappearing nine patch quilt in greens, blues and browns

Because they are made with 6″ squares, the nine-patches are quite large. The quilt only has fifteen blocks altogether. Three across and five down.

The quilt is 48″ x 81″, a nice size for a twin bed.

close up of meander quilting on disappearing nine patch quilt.

The quilting is a large meander around the whole quilt. It is stippling, but there is at least 1″ between lines.

I chose that quilting design because I wanted something that would be done quickly. I made this quilt after I made the Scrappy HST Quilt for a Boy. The HST quilt was for my second son and this was for my first son. The other quilt has a lot of detailed free motion quilting on it, and took a long time.

When I told my son that I would be done his quilt soon, his response was “What? You worked on my brother’s quilt for months and now mine will be done in a couple of days. Obviously you put more effort into his. You must like him better.”

So in response, I did what any mom would do. I finished the quilt, hid it in the closet for a month, then got it out and gave it to him.

close up of front and back of scrappy quilt.

This pattern went together quickly, especially because the nine patch blocks were so big. I didn’t cut down the 6″ squares, so they were almost 18″. I recommend the disappearing nine patch to anyone wanting a quick and easy pattern.

scrappy hst quilt with title.

nine patch block with title.
Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

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