Golden Sunrise Window Hanging

golden sunrise pojagi window hanging with title.

The Golden Sunrise window hanging is my March project for the Island Batik Ambassador program. The challenge for this month was to do a scrappy project, so I decided to make a pojagi window hanging.

This is the Glimmer window hanging pattern. The pattern is designed to use six different quarter yards of fabric (either fat or skinny).

These fabrics were provided to me by Island Batik as part of the ambassador program.

I didn’t have fat quarters, but I used some of the stash builder strips that I was given. I cut the number of 4″ strips required and ended up with more than six fabrics.

The different fabrics give a great look.

blue and yellow glimmer modern pojagi window hanging on table.

The placing in this pattern is kind of random, and I changed it around as I was constructing it.

close up of reversible patchwork seam on batik window hanging.
piece on a table

It is made with pojagi seams, which are reversible so there is no batting backing fabric. When the piece is laying on something, like a table or bed, it looks pretty similar to regular patchwork.

stained glass effect of modern pojagi seam in sunlight.
piece in a window

But when it is held up to the light, a beautiful stained glass effect happens. The thick fabric in the seams blocks the light from coming through, so it looks like the dark lead in stained glass.

The batik fabrics glow in the sun, and colours that weren’t noticeable before suddenly stand out.

golden sunrise pojagi window hanging in sunlight.

While I was making this piece, it seemed to be yellow and gold fabric, but in the sun, suddenly the orange tones popped out.

golden sunrise pojagi window hanging.

It is always fun to see what happens with batik fabric in window hangings. There are often beautiful surprises, and I’ve never seen one that looks bad.


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blue and yellow modern pojagi with title "Glimmer"
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7 thoughts on “Golden Sunrise Window Hanging”

  1. blank

    This is so pretty! I love how it glows in your window. The seams becoming the seams as if in stained glass is almost magic!

  2. blank

    This is so lovely Elizabeth. I though of you over on fb the other day. In a group I am in someone posted a pic of a pojagi project and because of your blog I knew what that was.

  3. blank

    Absolutely LOVE the look and the magically appearing stained glass! And of course, this is perfect with Island Batik fabric!!

  4. blank

    This window hanging is so beautiful, Elizabeth. I am sure that the sunlight filtering through the blues and yellows lights up the room. And I agree with Gail – the Island Batiks with their rich hues are the perfect choice.

    1. blank

      The fabric is so beautiful. I’m sure I could have picked any two colours and it would have looked amazing.

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