Summer Window Hanging

sun modern pojagi window hanging with title.

This window hanging is sure to cheer you up on a cold day. It’s the first of the Seasons Collection – Summer.

This piece finishes at 24″ square and is made with the modern pojagi seam technique.

close up of sunshine pojagi window hanging.

The result is a totally reversible piece of patchwork art.

When it is on a surface or hanging on a wall, it looks like regular patchwork. When it hangs in a window, it looks like stained glass in a window. The seams give the impression of lead borders.

in progress construction of summer pojagi window hanging.

This pattern gives clear instructions for cutting and stitching. Everything is made with simple shapes – squares and rectangles.

It can be made with whatever fabric you choose, but batiks give it a beautiful glow.

sun modern pojagi window hanging,

Get it now in my shop or at Etsy.

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