scrappy twinkle sampler quilt with title.

Scrappy Twinkle Quilt

This fun quilt is a colour option for the Twinkle Sampler Quilt pattern. It has nine different star blocks laid out on point with alternating plain blocks.

I didn’t really plan the quilt, I just dug in my scrap bin and found colours that I thought would look okay together and started making it. You can see many of the fabrics are used in more than one block. That helps add continuity to it.

The background is also scrappy. I love making quilts with a scrappy background. Using shades like white, cream, beige and even light brown adds a lot of depth and interest to the piece.

The sad thing is that it didn’t make much of a dent in my scraps.

scrappy star sample quilt.

Even the binding is scrappy. I have a bin with leftover binding pieces, and I just used some pieces from there. It also saved time because they were already pressed.

It is very lightly quilted. I quilted straight lines with a walking foot in the seams between the blocks, then vertically and horizontally in the middle of the plain blocks. I did free motion stitching in the ditch to outline each of the stars. Because of the light quilting, it is a bit fluffier than other quilts.

star sampler quilt with many fabrics.

I love how this quilt turned out and how all the different colours work together.

scrappy twinkle sampler quilt with title.
blue and white twinkle sampler quilt with title.
Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

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Elizabeth enjoys doing all types of sewing and needlework and teaching others new techniques. For more information or to have her speak to your group click HERE.

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