Pojagi Gallery

If you want inspiration for your next project, or if you just like looking at beautiful things, here are some samples of pojagi projects that I have made. Both traditional and modern pojagi are included.

picture of cup with coaster and title "pojagi coaster pattern".

Pojagi Coaster Pattern

If you want to dip your toe into traditional pojagi, but you are nervous about committing to a large project, coasters are the perfect solution.…
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pink diamond-shaped table runner with Easter decor.

Diamonds Table Runner Pattern

Introducing the Diamonds Table Runner from Epida Designs. This table runner is hand stitched with the traditional pojagi technique, although with linen and Perle cotton…
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hand stitched red silk purse with title "Korean lucky bag".

Korean Lucky Bag

A pojagi is a wrapping cloth, that is used for carrying and storing things. But the techniques used to make wrapping cloths also used to…
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colourful pojagi piece with title.

Grey Pinwheel Pojagi

This pojagi is about sixteen inches square. It was made in the traditional way, with silk fabric and silk thread. The stitching was done by…
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orange and red pojagi stained glass panels in window.

Gradient Pojagi Panel

This design was in my head for a long time before it became a reality. Even when I was making it, I wasn’t exactly sure…
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patchwork pillow with title

Pojagi Pillow

This pojagi pillow is made with Korean silk fabric and silk thread. This was fabric in my stash that I brought from Korea when we…
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hand stitched thimble

Hand-stitched Thimble

Hand-stitched thimbles are mostly unheard of in western sewing, but in traditional Korean sewing they are still made. This is a thimble that I made…
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sun modern pojagi window hanging with title.

Summer Window Hanging

This window hanging is sure to cheer you up on a cold day. It’s the first of the Seasons Collection – Summer. … Summer Window…
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patchwork with title "bright bricks pojagi".

Bright Bricks Pojagi

The Bright Bricks pojagi mat is truly an international work. I began working on it when we lived in Korea and continued to work on…
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