If you want any words in your design, you are going to need lettering. This is the one time you will probably want marking. You can just go for it, but marking will help with spacing and balance. It is great to use your own handwriting, but if you prefer something else, it is pretty easy to find different fonts these days.

In my design plan, I had an idea for size and placement, but I wanted to use a font to get the basic shape of the letters.

On my tablet, I found a couple fonts that I liked, and I put them to the size I wanted.

Not there are a couple of options. You could print out the words and then trace them onto the fabric using a light box or a window. This is a better option if you want every detail of the letter. Since my lettering was on my tablet, I turned the brightness to max and put my fabric right on the screen. I couldn’t see it perfectly, but it was good enough to get the basic size and shape of the letters.

I traced them with a water soluble marker. You can see that it is not exactly like the font, but it is enough of a guide.

The smaller words I did with backstitch.  If you need a tutorial, you can find it HERE.

For the letter g, I started and stopped the thread on the letter.  For some of the letters, I let the thread travel behind the fabric.  You can see the shadow when it is held to the light.  Don’t let the thread travel too far, or the long pieces on the back can get caught and mess up tension.

As you can see, when it is not in the light, you can’t see the travelling thread.  This fabric is thick enough that it is not a problem.  If you are using a finer or more delicate fabric, you would have to be more careful.

Here is the lettering done with back stitch.  I am not worried about the blue marker line that is still showing, since I know that it will disappear with just a bit of water.

Want to follow this whole project from start to finish?  Check it out HERE.


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Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

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