Diamonds Table Runner Pattern

pink diamond-shaped table runner with Easter decor.

Introducing the Diamonds Table Runner from Epida Designs. This table runner is hand stitched with the traditional pojagi technique, although with linen and Perle cotton rather than silk or ramie.

Flat pink and white table runner made with diamond shapes.

The design has a focus fabric, which is a great way to showcase special printed linen. Two solid colours could easily be used instead.

This pink and white version is nice for spring, but colours can easily be changed out to match decor or make seasonal options.

Close up of pojagi stitching with pink and white linen fabrics.

The pojagi stitches are visible in the finished project, so either a coordinating or contrasting thread can be used.

If this project seems like too much of a commitment to try out a new technique, perhaps the Pojagi Coasters would be a better option.

If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, this table runner is it!

Pink and white table runner with spring decor on it.

This unique shape will add some fun to your home decor. The finished size is 31″ x 14″ (measured from point to point).

It is easy to do with just a few simple steps. Clear instructions are given so it is do-able even if you’ve never tried traditional pojagi before.

The pattern is available in my shop or at Etsy either by itself or as a full kit with the fabrics shown here.

Try it today!

Living room with a couch and coffee table with spring decor.

Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

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