pink embroidered flower using stem stitch in the embroidery stitch sampler

Stitching a motif with stem stitch

Stem stitch is a little similar to back stitch, but because the stitches overlap, the lines are smoother.

This is the sixth different option for stitching the flower motif. You can get the motif and links to the other stitches HERE.

I used three strands of DMC#604 to stitch it out. If you need a reminder of how to stitch a stem stitch, HERE is a tutorial.

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Stem Stitch

stitching stem stitch with pink floss

Begin at a point where two petals meet, and take a backstitch.

stitching a flower on white fabric

Take the second backstitch, but place it so that it overlaps on one side of the previous stitch.

stitching in progress

Continue along up to the tip of the petal.

stem stitch tutorial with dmc floss

Continue another line of stitching down the other side of the petal, all the way to the centre.

flower embroidery tutorial

Begin the next petal at the point where it touches the first petal.

stem stitch tutorial on a flower motif

Continue all the way around the petals.

flower motif embroidered with stem stitch

Finish up the centre of the flower, making the first and last stitches overlap.

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