three table runners in different colours with title "fill in the blanks table runner".

Fill in the Blanks Table Runner Pattern

This table runner is a great pattern to use your creativity. Instructions are included for three different variations in five different sizes each.

Each design includes a lot of negative space, which is the perfect background for embroidery, appliqué or special quilt designs.

quilted table runner with pink squares in diamond shapes.

The single chain variation is a classic design made with two fabrics. Switching out the fabrics gives it a totally different look.

quilted table runner with orange and yellow diamonds.

The accent fabric variation is great if you have a special fabric to showcase. It’s really fun with seasonal prints.

table runner with green and red squares and appliquéd poinsettias on a white background.

Twisted chain is a nice way to use two contrasting colours. It looks complicated, but the clear instructions make it easy.

embroidered Christmas wreath

This runner was the perfect choice for some freestyle embroidered wreaths.

The extra small finishes at 18″ x 30″ and the extra large finishes at 18″ x 78″.

This is a great way to make seasonal quilting projects without committing to an entire quilt.

The pattern is avaialable in my shop.

elizabeth decroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

designer, teacher, speaker

Elizabeth enjoys doing all types of sewing and needlework and teaching others new techniques. For more information or to have her speak to your group click HERE.

selection of different throw pillows.

Starfloret Pillow Pattern

adorable throw pillow with six variations

colourful sampler quilt with title "Dreams Come True Quilt".

Dreams Come True Quilt

unique sampler quilt in a rainbow of colours.

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