gold couching embroidery


Adding couching to embroidery is like wearing an infinity scarf. It tends to be a focal point and draws attention to itself. It is easier to do if you happen to have a third hand, but even with two, don’t shy away from it. Couching is basically stitching a thread onto the surface of the …

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In my plan on my freestyle embroidery design, the upper right quarter of the design will have a border (as indicated by the dotted line).  I want the border to be a colour other than green, since the stems in the flowers will have a lot of green.  I will start of with a simple …

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green stem stitch embroidery

Stem Stitch

Stem stitch is the little black dress of embroidery stitches.  It is a bit more formal and refined.  Certainly more dressy and impressive than back stitch, it is still a basic stitch that should be in every embroidery skill set.  It is especially good for lines with gentle curves, as it handles the curves better …

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If you want any words in your design, you are going to need lettering. This is the one time you will probably want marking. You can just go for it, but marking will help with spacing and balance. It is great to use your own handwriting, but if you prefer something else, it is pretty …

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scrappy pinwheel quilt with title.

Feathers and Pinwheels Quilt

This quilt – Feathers and Pinwheels was primarily a practice quilt. I can see that practice is taking my free motion quilting to the next level.  In this quilt, I really wanted to practice different shapes of feathers.

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