This week in the studio

knit dish cloths

I didn’t notice until I was putting together my pictures, but there was a colour theme in my studio this week. Blue is my favourite colour, but I love working with lots of different colours, so it’s not usually this noticeable.knit dish cloths

I finished a couple more of these knit dishcloths. This pattern is so simple to follow that it’s great to work on while watching movies or things like that. I am trying out different needle sizes to get slightly different sizes. I guess I won’t know until I use them and see how they stretch in water to see what size I like the best.knit sock

My knit socks are so close to being finished. Only a couple more rows to go! I just have to dig out double pointed needles to finish them off, so it should be done next week. I’m already planning what sock pattern I want to do and white quilt

This quilt will be done in time for Christmas. The top is done, so I just have to add some straight line quilting to finish it off. No problem for Christmas, but I have my guild meeting on December 10. I wonder if I can get it done by then for show and tell?

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