This week in the studio

 This week I finally got to the November block of the month for the mystery quilt being run by my quilt guild. This month the 6″ block is the School Girl’s Puzzle block.

It was a bit of a puzzle for me as I had to do a bunch of un-stitching. Some of the blocks I put together wrong, as you can see. The dark HST units on some of the blocks are rotated in the wrong direction.

I did get it fixed in the end, and they are all good. Hopefully I will get December’s blocks done before the last day 🙂 .

school girl's puzzle 6" quilt block

I am making one more quilt before Christmas. This one is to be a gift for my father in law. This year my mother in law passed away and he had to move into a place with nursing care. In the space of a few months, he lost his wife, his home and almost everything he owns. He doesn’t have much space at the nursing home, but a quilt will make his little spot more personal.

quilt piecing

The second sock is coming to an end. I just work on this a bit each day, usually while my kids are getting ready in the morning and I’m keeping an eye on them all.

knit sock

My son had his wisdom teeth removed this week, so I had a chunk of time to sit in the waiting room. I didn’t want to work on the sock, since I was just at the more complicated heel turn and I wanted something that could be easily put down and re-started. A dishcloth was the perfect choice. I had an audiobook downloaded, so the wait was not too bad.

dish cloth knitting

I really like using these dishcloths, and they are a quick and easy project.

Have a great week!

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