sewing project

woman wearing apron with title.

Sewing a Simple Apron

Everyone should use an apron. They not only keep your clothes clean, they help you get into the mindset for cooking. If you love it, an apron will add to your excitement. If you hate cooking, a fun apron can make it less of a chore.

pillow on a couch with title.

Sewing Simple Pillow Covers

Cushions and throw pillows are fun to use in decorating. They are great to add unexpected colours and patterns because you can easily switch them out when you change your mind. But if you switch out pillows seasonally, they take a lot of storage space. Pillow covers are the perfect solution.

Christmas tree cloth napkins

Christmas Tree Cloth Napkins

We are now firmly into 2019, but our family managed to spread Christmas out for quite a while. For our family dinner, I made these cloth napkins that fold into adorable trees.

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