This type of patchwork was originally used in ancient Korea to make wrapping cloths. Today it is experiencing a resurgence and the techniques are used to sew many modern decorative items.

colourful rolls of ramie fabric with title "fabrics for pojagi".

Traditional Materials for Pojagi

Pojagi began as an art form thousands of years ago when women used scraps and pieces left over from other sewing projects to create beautiful wrapping cloths to store, cover and give things. The materials used were the same fabrics as those used for clothing. The most common were silk and ramie.

patchwork with title "bright bricks pojagi".

Bright Bricks Pojagi

The Bright Bricks pojagi mat is truly an international work. I began working on it when we lived in Korea and continued to work on it as we travelled back to Canada where I finished it. I even worked on it taking the train through the Chunnel from France to England!

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