hand stitching

flower embroidery

Stitching a motif with straight stitch

Straight stitch is a way to give a lot of texture and dimension to stitching. The method I have used in stitching this flower motif is sometimes called long and short stitch. Having stitches of different lengths allows the shades to blend into each other so it appears more natural than stripes.

hand stitched thimble

Hand-stitched Thimble

Hand-stitched thimbles are mostly unheard of in western sewing, but in traditional Korean sewing they are still made. This is a thimble that I made while studying Pojagi in Korea. I suppose it could be used, but for me it is just decorative.

pojagi small tote bag tutorial

Small Tote Bag

Next week is Christmas, so this is the last project in the 2018 Pojagi Christmas Countdown! Even thought it’s hand sewing, it only takes a couple of hours to do, so you still have time if you want to make one.

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