epida designs

three table runners in different colours with title "fill in the blanks table runner".

Fill in the Blanks Table Runner Pattern

This table runner is a great pattern to use your creativity. Instructions are included for three different variations in five different sizes each. Each design includes a lot of negative space, which is the perfect background for embroidery, appliqué or special quilt designs.

Living room picture with title Diamond Table Runner Pattern

Diamonds Table Runner Pattern

Introducing the Diamonds Table Runner from Epida Designs. This table runner is hand stitched with the traditional pojagi technique, although with linen and Perle cotton rather than silk or ramie.

patchwork curtains with title "gradient pojagi panels"

Gradient Pojagi Panel

This design was in my head for a long time before it became a reality. Even when I was making it, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out. When it was finished, I loved it and even after living with it for a while, I still like it.

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