close up of overcast stitch with title "pinch stitch tutorial"

Pinch stitch tutorial

Pinch stitch is a decorative stitch common in pojagi. It is traditionally used on ramie, but linen works quite well, too. It is a raised stitch with dimension and texture, as well as colour.  There are two variations, and I have shown them both.

options for finishing embroidery pieces

Motif Sampler Finishing Options

The stitch sampler pillow is a great way to use all the stitching options for the flower motif. If you only want to try a few of the stitches, there are other finishing options for using the embroidery.

pillow with embroidered pink flowers

Stitch Sampler Pillow

Once you have completed a piece of embroidery, it usually needs one more step to be in its final form. Often it is framed for hanging on a wall or worked into a piece of clothing for wearable art. I decided to make my stitch sampler into a pillow.

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