Small Pojagi Project Tutorials

Small projects are a great way to try a new technique. They can be completed quickly and don’t require a large commitment of either time or money.

These projects are all ones that can be completed in a few hours.

Some are specifically for Christmas or holiday decor, but most can be used anytime.

The three categories are for the different materials and techniques used.

Modern Collection

These projects are machine stitched with batik fabric. Other fabrics can be used, but batiks work best because they do not have a right and wrong side and they glow in the sunlight. These all use the reversible patchwork seam technique.

reversible placemat with modern pojagi seam

These placemats will add a splash of colour to your table.

pillow and rocking chair with title "embellished pintuck pillow".

This pillow has great colour and texture.

fashion scarf laid on table with title.

Great for yourself or a gift. Make in all your favourite colours.

red and teal table runner with title "reversible table runner".

This table runner is easily adjustable to fit any size table.

four patch wrapping cloth both open and wrapped with title.

Your gifts will stand out with this unusual wrapping.

Christmas tree window hanging with title.

Use your scraps in this mini window hanging.

set of four folded pojagi napkins with title.

Complete your table set with these unusual napkins.

red, white and teal pojagi dish cover with title.

Dress up your food with this colourful dish cover.

modern pojagi sun catcher with title.

Batik fabric glows in the sun.

Silk Collection

These projects are hand-stitched with silk fabric and thread.

silk wrapping cloth with tie and title.

Wrap your gifts with love and best wishes in this wrapping cloth.

hand-stitched pojagi pin cushion with title.

Use in everyday sewing.

red and white scissor case with title.

Perfect gift for a sewist or embroiderer.

red and gold drawstring pojagi gift bag with title.

This bag is a beautiful way to carry or store small items.

pojagi phone case with title.

Protect your phone in this case.

hand-stitched needle book with title.

Keep track of your needles with this nice needle book.

hand-stitched pojagi key chain with title.

Keep track of your keys with this fob. Also good for scissors.

red and gold pojagi coaster with title.

Add joy to your cup of tea.

small silk pojagi tote bag with title.

This small tote is also great for gifts.

Linen Collection

These projects are hand-stitched with lightweight linen and perle cotton.

pojagi samosa ornament hanging in tree with title.

This quick project works as an ornament or pattern weight.

blue and white coaster stitched out of linen with a pine tree motif.

Perfect gift with a mug and coffee.

small round pojagi bag with title.

This nice bag is great for storing small items.

pojagi circle ornament with title.

Use scraps to make this beautiful ornament.

handstitched pojagi bookmark with title.

Keep your place with this beauty.

pojagi star ornament hanging in tree with title.

Hang as a decoration or use as a pincushion.

pink and blue hand stitched pojagi book cover with title.

Cover your journal or calendar with favourite colours.

handstitched pojagi diamond ornament with title.

Decorate your tree.

pojagi rectangle bag with title.

The nicest way to give a gift.

Epida Designs

Once you’re ready for a bigger project, check out the great projects in the shop. Digital patterns, printed patterns and kits are all available.

bookmarks handstitched with translucent silk fabric.

Hand-stitch reversible pojagi seams with silk organza.

pink diamond-shaped table runner with Easter decor.

This table runner is a unique piece that can be personalized to any colours.

box wrapped with red and white four patch pojagi.
This traditional four patch pojagi is a great way to wrap special items of to use as a table topper.
picture of cup with coaster and title "pojagi coaster pattern".

A set of coasters is a great first project.

blue and white hand-stitched linen table runner with snowflake designs.

These snowflakes will add winter beauty to your table.


Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos is the designer and teacher at Epida Studio. She loves to work in quilting, pojagi and embroidery and teach these techniques to others.
Learn more and get her to speak to your group.

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