Pojagi Drop Ornament

pojagi drop ornament hanging in tree with title.

This little project is inspired by old glass Christmas tree ornaments. They are quick and easy to do, so it’s a great project for learning a new technique.

This is not a traditional pojagi project, but it involves the pojagi sewing techniques. For more fun projects, see this collection of tutorials.



Traditionally, pojagi is done with silk and ramie, so feel free to use these if you have access. The sample is done with lightweight linen. You need two colours – a main colour and an accent colour.

Only small pieces are needed, so if you have access to a dressmaker with scraps, that could be a good resource.


A contrasting colour of thread is used for the stitching. The stitching is visible and is part of the design.

Use a thread to match whatever fabric you are using. The sample is made with Perle cotton.

Other supplies and tools

  • small bit of stuffing
  • needle
  • hera marker
  • lightweight cardboard for templates
epida designs pojagi ad.

Making the pieces

Cut six pieces of background fabric 3″ x 3 1/2″ and mark one edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Cut three pieces of accent fabric 4″ long, with seams marked 2″ apart down it.

pieces for the pojagi drop ornament.

Join three pieces using a pojagi seam so that the background pieces are lined up at opposite ends of the accent piece.

pieces joined for one side of pojagi drop ornament.

Line up the pattern with the seams and mark with a Hera marker.

marking the sides for the pojagi drop ornament.

Trim around the marked line with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

marked piece for the pojagi drop ornament.

Repeat two times so that you have three identical pieces.

three pieces for pojagi drop ornament.

Line up two pieces at one corner, and pin along the edge.  

pinning pieces together for pojagi drop ornament.

Join with the braided edge stitch.

stitching the edge stitch on the pojagi drop ornament.

epida designs pojagi ad.

Don’t go into the seam allowances at the ends, just go from point to point.

close up of side seam on pojagi drop ornament.

Carefully pin the third side on, matching up the end points.  Make sure there are only two sides pinned together and the third doesn’t get caught.  Sew this seam with the same braided edge stitch.

adding the third piece to pojagi drop ornament.

Now two seams are done and the third is open.

Pin the third side closed, and stitch partway.

side opening in pojagi drop ornament.

Stuff through the opening and then finish stitching it closed.

adding stuffing to pojagi drop ornament,

Stitch to the end point, and then bury the closing knot inside.

finished pojagi drop ornament,

Add a loop for hanging and it’s done!

pojagi drop ornament hanging in tree.

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Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

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