Hand-stitched Pojagi Diamond Ornament

handstitched pojagi diamond ornament with title.

This hand-stitched pojagi ornament is similar to the Circle Ornament. Both are beautiful projects and a good way to learn a new technique in a project that doesn’t require a huge commitment.

If you enjoy this project, I have a collection of small pojagi project tutorials. Some are for Christmas, but most can be used for any occasion.

The main challenge of this project is the bias edges, so be careful not to stretch them as you stitch.

Materials and Supplies


You need a small amount of two colours of fabric.

This ornament can be stitched with a variety of fabrics, but make sure it is a fabric that can hold a crease well. Traditional fabrics for pojagi are silk and ramie. This sample is stitched with lightweight linen.

Linen is a great option, because it is easy to find and easy to work with. If you know a dressmaker, you might be able to get some small scraps to use.


Choose the thread to match the fabric used. With the linen, I am using size 8 perle cotton.

Traditionally, a contrasting colour of thread is used and the stitching is part of the design.

pink perle cotton

Other Materials

A small piece of quilt batting is needed. Any type of low-loft batting will work.

Lightweight cardboard is used to make the templates and the inner frame of the ornament. Anything like an old cereal or cracker box is good.

Tacky glue


Making the template

You will need to make two templates.

One is a 1-1/4″ diamond. The angle is 60*, which is commonly marked on quilting rulers. The second is a 2-1/2″ diamond.

Be sure to label the templates so that you can reuse them in the future.

Cutting the pieces

Place the small template on the fabric so that one of the sides is aligned with the grain.

Trace the template by pushing the hera marker back and forth around the edges.

marking small diamonds

The hera marker should leave a clear crease of the shape. Trace four diamonds of each colour. Be sure to allow enough space between the pieces to cut with a 1/4″ seam allowance. The crease lines are the stitching lines.

Cut the pieces out, then finger press the creases with a pinching motion to set them into the fabric.

marked diamond for handstitched ornament.

Stitching the diamonds

Join two diamonds of different colours together. Press the seam allowances to the inside, and pin wrong sides together. Align the edges of the seam lines rather than the seam allowances.

joining two small diamonds.

Stitch with a traditional pojagi seam.

Repeat so that you have four pairs.

Join two pairs together with the same seam technique, aligning the centre seam.

aligning small diamonds for ornament.

Repeat to make a second diamond.

side of flat diamond ornament.

After stitching, place the large template on the back of the piece. If any of the fabric stretched, this is a chance to adjust the seam markings so that it is the right shape.

adding the lining to diamond ornament.

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Assembling the ornament

Cut two pieces of lightweight card and batting the size of the large diamond template.

Place a piece of batting on top of one of the card pieces.

lining for flat diamond ornament.

Place this on the back of one of the diamonds, with the batting between the card and the fabric.

Fold the edges of the fabric over on the card and glue to hold in place.

gluing down edges on diamond shapes.

Repeat. You should have two identical diamonds.

two sides of diamond ornament.

Make a loop to hang the ornament. This can be just a loop of thread or a braid of thread. Tape it to the top of one of the diamonds to hold in place.

adding hanging loop to ornament.

Beginning at the top near the hanger, stitch the two pieces together using the pojagi edge stitch.

edge stitching the pojagi ornament.
close up of braided edge stitch.

Clips are a great way to hold the two pieces together while you are stitching.

aligning the two sides for the diamond ornament.

Once you’ve stitched the edge, you’re done!

flat pojagi diamond ornament hanging in tree.

Enjoy this unique ornament for Christmas decoration and more.

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