Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Diamond Ornament

This is another flat Christmas ornament similar to the Circle Ornament.  The thing that makes this more challenging is working with bias edges, so if it’s your first project, I recommend the circle.  However, if you’re careful not to stretch the fabric or pull stitches too tight, this project will not be difficult.

This project requires the same materials as the other Christmas Countdown projects: handkerchief linen, size 8 Perle cotton, pieces of light cardboard and scraps of batting.

The template for this project is a 1-1/4″ diamond.  The small angle is 60 degrees, which is found on many quilting rulers.  You will also need a template that is a 2-1/2″ diamond.  The larger diamond should be the same size as four smaller diamonds.  If your sizes and angles aren’t exact, but they line up to each other, you will be okay.

Using the Hera, mark eight small diamonds – four each of two colours.

Be sure to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance for each one.

When joining the pieces, line up the corners of the diamonds.  The seam allowances might not line up exactly.  Join pairs of different colours together using the pojagi seam.

After making pairs, join the pairs together into groups of four.  Make sure the centre point is lined up.  If the edges don’t exactly line up, that can easily be fixed in the next step, but this is the only chance to get the centre point to line up.

You should have a large diamond made up of four smaller diamonds.

Using the large diamond template, line it up on the back and re-mark with the Hera if necessary.  It is common for the edges to get stretched when stitching so this will get everything back to the right size.

Cut out a piece of batting the size of the large template.

Place the batting and large template on the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the edges over the cardboard and glue down with tacky glue.

Repeat so that you have two identical diamond pieces.

Make a braid about 10″ long with Perle cotton and knot it at both ends. Tape this onto the back of one of the diamonds.

Hold the two diamond pieces wrong sides together.  Thread a needle and bring it up at the top corner.  Stitch across both pieces about 1/4″ away from the start point.

Stitch across in the same direction back up at the starting point.

Continue stitching down and up, moving along the edge of the diamond.  This is the same edging that was used in the circle ornament, and there are more pictures there if you need a more detailed explanation.

The diamond pieces shift very easily (more than the circles), so it is important to keep them aligned while you are stitching.  If you have clips to hold them, that helps a lot.  Also, you could glue the middle of the cardboard together to help hold it.

Once you have gone all the way around the piece, it’s done!

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