Other Fun Stuff

Besides pojagi and quilting, there is a lot of other fun stuff at Epida Studio.




There are lots of other types of sewing besides pojagi and quilting.  If you are looking for a quick project, why not try making a flower pinchusion or a simple skirt (made without a pattern!)






When I use the word “embroidery”, it is a synonym to “needlework” or any type of decorative stitching on fabric.

Freestyle Embroidery


This is embroidery with basic stitches and minimal marking on the fabric.  It is spontaneous, like doodling with thread.  If you want to see a freestyle embroidery project from planning to finish, you can find it HERE.

Freestyle embroidery is also useful to embellish quilted items.  HERE are some wreaths used on a Christmas table runner.

Rows of embroidery stitches were used in these embroidered pumpkins.


This is a Norwegian embroidery with counted thread stitches, cutwork and open thread work.  If you want to try it, there is a beginner tutorial HERE.

Working with Yarn


Knitting & Crocheting

In enjoy crocheting, especially portable projects that I can do while my kids are at events.  I don’t teach crocheting, but occasionally share projects that I’ve done like the round rug.







I am a total beginner in weaving, but I have tried a few projects on my old (but new to me) Leclerc Fanny loom.  HERE are some things I’ve made.


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