make a quilt by Christmas

This year has been challenging to everyone. For some, it has been just mildly inconvenient, but for others it has been catastrophic.

This Christmas, let’s spread some love and hope with quilts.

Join me in the 2020 Make a Quilt by Christmas Challenge.

The challenge is simple: Make a quilt by Christmas and then give it to someone.

Give it to someone who you know could use some extra encouragement this year.

  • Maybe a relative that you won’t be able to see this year.
  • Maybe someone who’s had health problems.
  • Maybe someone who lost a job.

If you don’t know anyone, contact a local retirement home and see if they will take a donation for someone who doesn’t get visitors.

Make whatever pattern you want. (You can even use a UFO!)

I will be making an Easy Squares Quilt from my book. Follow my progress on instagram and Facebook. You can even get a chance to win the quilt I’m making.

Be sure to share your own projects. #makeaquiltbyChristmas2020


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