Island Batik October 2021 Challenge

Endangered Species with Auriful Thread graphic.

The October challenge for the 2021 Island Batik ambassadors was sponsored by Aurifil Threads and inspired by endangered species.

Aurifil has released thread collections that reflect their desire to increase sustainability and positive environmental impact.

Each thread collection contains a light, medium and dark colour of thread and represents an endangered animal.

These projects are designed to highlight both the thread and the animals. Click on the pictures for more details about the projects.

Auriful project by Mania Hatziioannidi.
Mania Hatziioannidi

Mania made this beautiful thread painting and applique piece of a Pangolin.

Aurifil project by Denise Looney.
Denise Looney

Denise made this beautiful pink iguana with free motion quilting.

auriful project by Jane Hauprich.
Jane Hauprich

Jane made this amazing applique and quilted sea turtle.

Auriful project by Emily Leachman.
Emily Leachman

Emily made this adorable gorilla family. I loved seeing her process of making fabric out of scraps and thread.

auriful project by Jennifer Eubank.
Jennifer Eubank

Jennifer pieced this beautiful pink Amazon dolphin.

Auriful project by Claudia Porter.
Claudia Porter

Claudia pieced this Blue-throated Macaw. I love the colours.

Auriful project by Gail Sheppard.
Gail Sheppard

Gail showed off her free motion quilting in this pangolin project.

auriful project by Sally Manke.
Sally Manke

Sally Manke did amazing thread painting on this Red Panda.

Auriful project by Brianna Roberts.
Brianna Roberts

Brianna Roberts showed off the thread with the embroidery on this Sea Turtle.

Auriful project by Gail Renna.
Gail Renna

Gail Renna appliqued and embellished this whale shark.

auriful project by Connie Kauffman.
Connie Kauffman

Connie Kauffman used an interesting collage technique to make this African penguin.


Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos is the designer and teacher at Epida Studio. She loves to work in quilting, pojagi and embroidery and teach these techniques to others.
Learn more and get her to speak to your group.

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