close up of flower embroidery.

French Knot flower

French knots are very versatile when embroidering flowers.  They are often used as the centres of flowers, with other stitches used as the petals.  They can also be used as the petals themselves.  Large and small clusters, with varying sizes and colours give flowers depth and interest.

In the freestyle embroidery project, I have gone with a simple option for French knot flowers.  I used clusters of three knots at the end of each branch in a triangular arrangement.  Nothing was marked, so they are not perfectly identical.  This adds to the organic and natural look.

embroidered flowers with clusters of French knots

I used two strands of embroidery floss and three wraps.  This makes each knot just a bit smaller than a seed bead.  The clusters are about 3/16″ or 4mm wide.

You can find out how to do the French knot HERE and you can follow the freestyle embroidery project HERE.

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Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos

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