Doll Making – Finished Project

My doll-making class is finished, and the kids did a great job!  There were four girls in the class, but one forgot to bring her doll on the last week, so it’s not in the picture.


These were done by nine — eleven year old girls.  There was a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing.  In a six week class, they finished the dolls, and each made an outfit.  The pink dress in the picture was not made in the class, it is a dress for an 18″ doll and it fits really well.

These girls all had a bit of sewing experience, but for two it was the very first time they used a sewing machine.  This confirmed that the Crafty Dolls book has projects easy enough for beginners and they turn out great.  I would definitely consider doing this class again.  At least one girl in the class is getting the book for Christmas, and another has asked for a sewing machine.


My daughter made the crazy mermaid.

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