Drafting the Diamond Template

diamond template cover

This is how to make the diamond template that is used in the 2018 Pojagi Christmas Countdown small gift bag.  It is easy if you do one step at a time.

1. Draw two lines 6″ apart

diamond template 1

2. On one line, mark a 6″ long section

diamond template 2

3. At one end of the 6″ section, draw a line at 45 degrees over to the other line

Align the 45 degree marker on the ruler with the line to get an accurate measurement

diamond template 4

4. Make another 45 degree line at the other end of the 6″ section

diamond template 4

5. Double check that the section on the other line is 6″ long

diamond template 5

It’s done!  You might want to label the top and side so you don’t get those mixed up.

diamond template 6

For the small gift bag, you will need this template in light cardboard.  You can either draft on paper, then cut out and trace onto cardboard or you can draft it right onto light cardboard.  A cereal box works perfectly.

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