Crocheting a round rug

Last summer, I took a road trip to a nearby yarn factory for their summer tent sale.  Prices were amazing, and I took the opportunity to stock up.  I’d wanted to crochet a rug for a while, but at the price of bulky yarn, it was just as cheap to buy a rug.  Lucky for  me, they had Patons Mega Bulky in a nice colour on sale for about $1/ball.  For comparison, in my area the regular price is about $11/ball.

I decided to make a round rug because I didn’t know exactly how big of a rug it would be, and I didn’t want to end up with a long and skinny rectangle.  I looked up directions on how to crochet a circle, and started out.  I started with eight stitches, and increased eight stitches regularly on each row.  After a while, I realized that this was going to make an octagon, not a circle.  That wasn’t too bad, but I also realized that it would get wavy and not lay flat.  That was a bigger deal.

So I switched to doing it in a more free-form way.  My personality likes charts and numbers, so this was an effort for me.  At the end of each row, I laid the rug on the floor to make sure it was still flat.  Then I put wonder clips around the edge for the next row.  I tried to evenly space them, but I didn’t count stitches, I just made sure that they didn’t line up with the increase on the previous row.  I just crochet until I came to a clip, then took it off and increased one.


If it was starting to be wavy, I would skip that section, so there were different numbers of clips.  Some had eight rows, some only six or seven and a couple had five.


In the end, the rug turned out great.  The yarn is so soft that my kids like to lay on it.  It is pretty heavy since it’s almost an inch thick, but it doesn’t slide around on the wood floor.  I would definitely consider making another crocheted rug.

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