fanny loom

My Loom Story

 My loom story is a long one.  As a child, I loved visiting pioneer villages and seeing all the old things.  To be honest, I wasn’t super interested in the gardens and animals, but I was very interested in seeing all the old crafts.  Quilting, embroidery, woodworking and even blacksmithing were intriguing to me.  But …

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Purple handwoven scarf

This handwoven scarf was my third weaving project, and it was a great learning experience.  My first two projects were successful, so I was pretty confident going into it.  Some might say overconfident. 

Woven Placemats

This was my second weaving project.  I used a warp of dark and light green

Crocheting a round rug

Last summer, I took a road trip to a nearby yarn factory for their summer tent sale.  Prices were amazing, and I took the opportunity to stock up.  I’d wanted to crochet a rug for a while, but at the price of bulky yarn, it was just as cheap to buy a rug.

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