green and white placemats on a round table with title "weaving placemats'

Weaving Place Mats

These place mats were another great learning experience. They did not turn out exactly as I planned, but they are still beautiful and useful.

This week in the studio

I don’t have orphan sock syndrome! The second sock of my pair is finished. After I was totally finished and tried them on together, I realized that the rib pattern is slightly different between the two. I made a mistake in the second one, because in my overconfidence I didn’t follow the pattern as closely.

Hand woven tea towels

These tea towels were a great project. They are made from 2/8 cotton (or 8/2, depending on where you live) and are very soft. I had a bit of a learning curve as I had never worked with anything this fine before.

knit dish cloths

This week in the studio

I didn’t notice until I was putting together my pictures, but there was a colour theme in my studio this week. Blue is my favourite colour, but I love working with lots of different colours, so it’s not usually this noticeable.

This week in the studio

┬áThis week I finally got to the November block of the month for the mystery quilt being run by my quilt guild. This month the 6″ block is the School Girl’s Puzzle block.

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