pojagi gallery

Inspiration of pojagi projects – both traditional and modern

patchwork with title "bright bricks pojagi".

Bright Bricks Pojagi

The Bright Bricks pojagi mat is truly an international work. I began working on it when we lived in Korea and continued to work on it as we travelled back to Canada where I finished it. I even worked on it taking the train through the Chunnel from France to England!

hand stitched red silk purse with title "Korean lucky bag".

Korean Lucky Bag

A pojagi is a wrapping cloth, that is used for carrying and storing things. But the techniques used to make wrapping cloths also used to make Lucky Bags, or pockets. 

patchwork pillow with title

Pojagi Pillow

This pojagi pillow is made with Korean silk fabric and silk thread. This was fabric in my stash that I brought from Korea when we moved back to Canada.

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